Tom Yum Kung @ Khao San Road

Name: Tom Yum Kung @ Khao San Road
Cuisine: Thai cuisine
Address: 9 Trokmayom Jakapong Rd., Phranakorn, Bangkok 10200
Tel: 02-2629 2772, 02-2629 2882
Open: 11:00 am to 2:00 am
Payment: Visa, Master & cash.
Remarks: Nil
Originally posted: November'2010
Last updated: Nil

** The Restaurant **
'Tom Yum Kung', the Thai restaurant, is tucked at the end of a short soi, off Khao San Road. The restaurant, or more aptly an eating place, is in reality set at the courtyard of an old bungalow which now houses 'true Cafe'.
We have to navigate through a cramped alley before reaching this part of the soi. Their neon signboard. Courtyard view ...

Ruen Mallika @ Sukhumvit 22

Name: Ruen Mallika @ Sukhumvit 22
Cuisine: Royal Thai cuisine
Address: 189 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Bangkok
Tel: 02-6633 2112
Open: 8am to 10pm
Payment: Visa, Master, Diners & cash.
Remarks: Nil
Originally posted: September'2010
Last updated: Nil

** The Restaurant **
A fine lady greeted us on our arrival. Because of the rain, we were ushered to this big low coffee table. Looking to the left from our table is a small indoor garden. If not for the rain, we would have dined alfresco.

Hi-Tea Cake Buffet @ Le Boulanger, Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit

Name: Hi-Tea Cake Buffet @ Le Boulanger, Hotel Lotus Sukhumvit
Cuisine: Pastries & cakes
Address: 1 Soi Daeng Udom, Sukhumvit Soi 33 Rd., Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: 02 610 0111 Ext. 4129
Open: 8am to 10pm
Payment: Major credit cards & cash.
Remarks: Nil
Originally posted: August'2010
Last updated: September'2010

UPDATED: The hi-tea cake buffet promo has ended. (Sep'10)

** The Patisserie **

The cake shop is conveniently located at the lobby floor of the hotel but they seem to have very limited tables. 3 to be exact, on the day of our visit.
Le Boulanger's signage Located on the lobby floor. small selections of pastries and croissants.

Ratree Seafood @ Silom

Name: Ratree Seafood @ Silom
Cuisine: Thai
Address: Silom Soi 1, Bangkok.
GPS: N13°43'41.46", E100°32'01.71"
Tel: NA
Open: 8pm to midnight.
Payment: Cash only.
Web: NA
Remarks: NA
Originally posted: July'2010
Last updated: NA

** The stall **

Ratree's small banner I believe she is the stall owner who also prepared our foods A humble selection of seafood

Guay Tiao Lawt Boran @ Yaowarat

Name: Guay Tiao Lawt Boran @ Yaowarat
Cuisine: Snack
Address: Thanon Charoen Krung, Bangkok 10100.
GPS: N13°44'30.16", E100°30'38.73"
Tel: NA
Open: NA
Payment: Cash only.
Web: NA
Remarks: Lawt (หลอด) is drinking straw/tube in Thai language. Guay Tiao Lawt (ก๋วยเตี๋ยวหลอด) is, as the name suggests, flat noodles rolled up like a tube with fillings.
Originally posted: Jun'2010
Last updated: Added GPS coordinates and amended location description. (7/7/10)

** The stall **

Just a few hundred metres down the Gui Chai stall @ Yaowarat that I previously blogged was another busy roadside stall selling ancient guay tiao lawt.

Although the name of guay tiao lawt suggests that the noodles take the form of a tube or a drinking straw, the one we had looked more like dried noodle guay jub with sweet source. I did a bit of Googling and found guay tiao lawt may possibly resembled Hong Kong style Chee Chong Fun (rice sheet rolls). The current style could be a simplified version. Basically, that's how Chee Chong Fun would have been if it's sliced and mixed in a plate.
A simple stall along Thanon Charoen Krung Okay it may look a bit messy because of the crowd. It's only THB20 for a standard serving of this Guay Tiao Lawt.

Gui Chai Tord @ Yaowarat

Name: Gui Chai Tord @ Yaowarat
Cuisine: Snack
Address: Thanon Charoen Krung, Bangkok 10100.
GPS: N13°44'28.68", E100°30'40.04"
Tel: NA
Open: Daily from 2pm to 9pm.
Payment: Cash only.
Web: NA
Remarks: Gui Chai Tord is fried Chinese chive dumpling where "Gui Chai" refers to the Chinese words "韭菜" (pronounced as jiu cai). I believe Thai people also called these ขนมกุยช่าย (Khanom Gui Chai).
Originally posted: May'2010
Last updated: -

** The stall **

On one of the weekday's evening, the bf had some errands to run at Yaowarat. We went there by cab, when the traffic eventually slowed to a crawl. We alighted and found ourselves stopped right in front of this fried Chinese chive (Thai Teochiew: Gui Chai) dumpling stall tendered by a middle-age redhead Chinese lady. The stall was really busy. The flow of customers never seems to stop. We told ourselves we found something interesting!
The bf spoke to the friendly lady stallholder briefly. She told us her dumplings typically sold out within 5 - 6 hours from the time she starts her business at 2pm. She added that her stall even opens on public holidays e.g. New Year & etc.
A humble stall along Thanon Charoen Krung The friendly ah-jer ... Wonder how many pcs of chive dumplings are in these red tubs!? Apart from chive dumplings, there are also chive cakes.

MK Trendi @ Siam Square

Name: MK Trendi @ Siam Square
Cuisine: Thai steamboat (or "hot pot" in some parts of the world)
Address: Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
GPS: Not available
Tel: Not available
Open: Not available
Payment: Cash & major credit cards
Remarks: -
Originally posted: April'2010
Last updated: 26May'2010

UPDATED: MK Trendi was also affected by the blaze set off by rioters on the 19th May'2010.

Credits: The rightful owner...

The restaurant ...
Usually after a consecutive days of heavy foods like the gaeng, yams and som-tum, MK Suki is always a good alternative for us. The Thai steamboat restaurant offers an extensive selection of greens. I love veg since I was young and it helps to balance my diet especially when I am in Bangkok, one of the many food paradise.
The place we patronized this time was one located right in the heart of the trendy Siam Square. And MK Suki ingeniously created a new flagship called Trendi to serve its young and hippie community in that area. The funky decor at the ground floor was a head-turner. However, we soon found out that the rest of the levels were gloomy and uninspiring. I guessed that's how they keep their prices friendly.
The neon signboard outside MK Trendi. The ground floor decor is bright and, as the name suggest, trendy. However, it is kinda small at this level.

Once Upon a Time Restaurant

Name: Once Upon a Time
Cuisine: Traditional Thai
Address: 32 Petchburi Soi 17, Pratunam, Bangkok. (Opposite Pantip Plaza)
GPS: N13°45'10.08", E100°32'17.72"
Tel: (02)-252 8629 / (02)-653 7857
Open: Daily from 11.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.
Payment: Cash & major credit cards
Remarks: -
Originally posted: April'2010
Last updated: -

The restaurant (indoor) ...
The indoor dinning place is in an old two storey wooden house painted in pink. The small air-conditional restaurant occupies the first floor. The upper level houses two studios which mock up as bedrooms. As these studios are small & the angles are tight, I don't have a wide-angle cam to take any representative shots of these rooms. Suffice to say, we were very impressed by the nostalgic Victorian decor.
A demure signboard that doesn't say much of what lays behind. Main entrance to the indoor restaurant. Servers are donned in traditional Thai costumes. Warm lighting.

Mont Nom Sod @ MBK

Name: Mont Nom Sod
Cuisine: Snack
Address: 2/F MBK
Open: Daily
Payment: Cash only
Remarks: -
Originally posted: March'2010
Last updated: -

Last Monday evening we were at MBK for our routine facial at MD Clinic. It was already past 7pm when our "ionto" & whatnot were finally over. Needless to say, both of us were famished by then, although we haven't decided upon where to get ourselves fed.

I recalled a reader of this blog mentioned a Mont Nom Sod in MBK which we would love to try prior to a more sumptuous meal later. Honestly, the Thai bf and I hadn't a clue where they are located despite our frequent visit to MBK. The bf then consulted the clinic staffs for direction. We were duly informed that Mont is directly above MD Clinic which is at the ground floor.

We were at the doorstep of Mont within minutes. The pale and minimalist eating place is compact. It has barely more than 10 tables and almost every seat was taken that evening.

The bf ordered 2 toasts - 1 with sungkhaya/สังขยา (original flavor) spread, the other with condensed milk. Craving for more, I ordered a serving of steamed breads with pandanus sungkhaya. The original flavor is orange in color which is made from chicken eggs, coconut milk and sugar. The pastel green sungkhaya has pandan leaves added to the original version. The long plant gives the jam a nice fragrance and its inviting color. I've to add that this info was provided by the counter crew while I was placing our 2nd order.

Baan Klang Nam (Main branch)

Name: Baan Klang Nam
Cuisine: Seafoods
Address: Soi Ban Klang Nam (Soi 14, Rama III), Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10120.
GPS: N13°41'17.98", E100°30'07.92"
Tel: (02)-682 7180 / (02)-682 7186
Open: Daily (inclusive of major PHs) from 11.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.
Payment: Cash & major credit cards
Remarks: Baan Klang Nam is house in the middle of water in Thai.
Originally posted: February'2010
Last updated: -

We, a small group of 3, patronized Baan Klang Nam last month. It was shortly after New Year and reservation was made to ensure we have a table. My the other half insisted, over the phone, a table by the river. He reminded the person who took our booking again before hanging up.

While the name says Baan Klang Nam, it is actually a restaurant built by the bank of Chao Phraya River at the end of Soi 14 off Rama III Road. Do not take it literally that the eating place sits in the middle of the water.

On arrival, we were ushered to a table but the river-view was missing which upset the boyfriend. He demanded an alternative without 2nd thought. The server cordially invited us to another table (see 5th picture) which was cozy and far from other dining crowd. But the night was stale and the place was not air-conditioned. Read: stuffiness. We, once again, requested for a better ventilated place and finally settled down. ^_^"

Yes, it's trivia but this brings out my next 2 points ...

Vitsaraj Sookwattanasiri - Kwam Song Jam

Originally posted: February'2010

Finally a little update on this blog after a short hiatus of 4 months.

Last year, I chanced upon a 2007 lakorn called Sroy Saeng Jan (The Jewel of BangbodOr 月光项链 in Chinese.) starring none other than Rome & Rita. The synopsis, and more, of the drama can be found at Wasashimi's blog.

But what really caught my attention was this song, Kwam Song Jam, played at the end of each episode. I have very little info who the singer is but the song touches my heart.

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THAIoholic, the blog, is setup with the initial intention of keepsake. As time goes by, I find it harder and harder for my gray cells (of what left) to remember traces of great places we have been to, good foods we savored but missed, details that I should remember but they slipped away unknowingly.

Then, we have also friends and folks asking little details I thought I should blog them here, because my pea brain is simply no good at recollections.

My partner is a devoted Buddhist, his religion forbids him, and therefore me, from taking beef. As such, it's unlikely that there will be any info about beef dish found in this blog.

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