Ruen Mallika @ Sukhumvit 22

Name: Ruen Mallika @ Sukhumvit 22
Cuisine: Royal Thai cuisine
Address: 189 Sukhumvit Soi 22 Bangkok
Tel: 02-6633 2112
Open: 8am to 10pm
Payment: Visa, Master, Diners & cash.
Remarks: Nil
Originally posted: September'2010
Last updated: Nil

** The Restaurant **
A fine lady greeted us on our arrival. Because of the rain, we were ushered to this big low coffee table. Looking to the left from our table is a small indoor garden. If not for the rain, we would have dined alfresco. The (unsightly) bar counter was right in front of us. Not the best view but, at least we had our drinks served promptly. On our right hand side was a corner of the restaurant. The tables in the garden were kinda small...

** Table Setting **
Simple & minimalist table setting. Not for drinking, I believe. ^_^" xxx That was the restaurant's food menu. Yes, we ain't exaggerating if we called it an encyclopedia. Ruen Mallika probably has the best menu in town. Every dish has both Thai & English names, colorful pictures, serving size and prices clearly printed.

** Here comes our foods **
Our appetizer was one of their many signature dishes called 'Chan Cheu Boosaba' (Lit: 'My name is Boosaba'). It is a selection of deep fried flowers/plants in tempura batter accompanied by a sweet & spicy dipping sauce. The floras were, from left to right of the top collage, frangipani flowers, roses, Chinese chives and oops, I could not recall the last one. [Recommended]
Chan Cheu Boosaba THB200

For the main course, we had a Nam Prik Kapi Pla Tuh (Fried mackerel with Thai shrimp chilli paste). In Thailand, for some reasons, mackerel is habitually (mistakenly?) known as Pla Tuna (Tuna fish) or shortened as Pla Tuh. Be warned that the chilli paste is extremely hot and it's strong enough to knock me off! But honestly, we enjoyed the kicks out of it. I guess the greens were there to help somewhat in neutralizing our numbed taste buds :)
Nam Prik Kapi Pla Too THB300

In the name of healthy eating, we had a Stir fried Japanese mushrooms with eggs. The ingredients were fresh and we loved it. The thing that puzzled me was how did this fit in to 'Royal Thai cuisine'?
Stir fried Japanese mushrooms with eggs THB250

The name said Royal Thai cuisine but I'm a Cantonese after all. Hence, it is almost imperative for me to have a dish of soup, whenever possible. Here we had a Tom Kha Pla Salid Bai Makham Oon (Lit: 'Salid' fish with galangal and young tamarind leave soup). The small Salid fish appeared to be fried before it was allowed to decoct in the Tom Kha.
Tom Kha Pla Salid Bai Makham Onn THB350

Tod Mun Goong (Deep fried shrimp cakes) is a common and almost mundane food in Thailand. Although less exquisite and smaller in size, it's easily available as a finger food from roadside carts. This is akin to French Fries in USA or pizza in Italy. However, I find Ruen Mallika's version worth a second look. For its shrimp cakes are coated with little deep fried baby shrimps. And this adds another texture to the already tender souffle. The only quibble I have is that our serving of shrimp cakes seemed to be just a wee tad too spicy. It was bearable for me and definitely not a problem for the local Thais. [Recommended]
Tod Mun Goong Fhoy THB250 Crispy little baby shrimps.

Table for 2: The bill came up to THB1897.50 (~SGD82) which was inclusive of a 10% service charge and before tipping. For all the delicacies and attentive service, we find the price to be acceptable.

My verdict:
+ Innovative dishes
+ Idiot proof menu
+ Acceptable price
- Need more than a map to get there

Getting there ...
The restaurant is embedded deep in a sub-soi off Sukh22 even our taxi driver had a problem locating it. Take the corner 7-Eleven convenient store along the main Sukh22 road as a cue to turn in to the mentioned sub-soi. Ruen Mallika will be on your RHS.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Ruen Mallika Restaurant,

Warmest greetings from Travel Plus Vietnam.
We are a travel agent located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.!
We are going to have a 10 persons group and 20 persons group going to Bangkok.
And we would like to dine or have lunch at your hotel.
Our budget is $28-$32 (include 1 drink).
Could you please sent us some menus that meet our expense?

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Many thanks & best regards!

BODYholic said...

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry for this late reply but I'm not Ruen Mallika Restaurant and neither am I in anyway related to the said restaurant.

Their contact details are available in this blog and are at your disposal.

Thanks for writings.

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