Amphawa Floating Market

Originally posted: January'2011
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Last year, we took a trip to Amphawa Floating Market. It was an ad-hoc event. By the time, we arrived at the scene, the sun was setting and the place was already crowded despite being a Friday. We thought the place becomes jam-packed only on weekends! Well, we were wrong. Amphawa was literally overran by groups and groups of foreign tourists led by their zealous guides.

** Amphawa Bazaar **
Before we could reach the floating market, we are welcomed by streets of makeshift-stalls and pushcarts selling all kinds of traditional foods, snacks, tees, hand-made souvenirs and even potted plants.

This small alley leads to the klong where the floating market is. Fancy a big packet of crispy fish crackers for only THB20?

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Then, we have also friends and folks asking little details I thought I should blog them here, because my pea brain is simply no good at recollections.

My partner is a devoted Buddhist, his religion forbids him, and therefore me, from taking beef. As such, it's unlikely that there will be any info about beef dish found in this blog.

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