Baan Klang Nam (Main branch)

Name: Baan Klang Nam
Cuisine: Seafoods
Address: Soi Ban Klang Nam (Soi 14, Rama III), Bang Khlo, Bang Kho Laem, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10120.
GPS: N13°41'17.98", E100°30'07.92"
Tel: (02)-682 7180 / (02)-682 7186
Open: Daily (inclusive of major PHs) from 11.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.
Payment: Cash & major credit cards
Remarks: Baan Klang Nam is house in the middle of water in Thai.
Originally posted: February'2010
Last updated: -

We, a small group of 3, patronized Baan Klang Nam last month. It was shortly after New Year and reservation was made to ensure we have a table. My the other half insisted, over the phone, a table by the river. He reminded the person who took our booking again before hanging up.

While the name says Baan Klang Nam, it is actually a restaurant built by the bank of Chao Phraya River at the end of Soi 14 off Rama III Road. Do not take it literally that the eating place sits in the middle of the water.

On arrival, we were ushered to a table but the river-view was missing which upset the boyfriend. He demanded an alternative without 2nd thought. The server cordially invited us to another table (see 5th picture) which was cozy and far from other dining crowd. But the night was stale and the place was not air-conditioned. Read: stuffiness. We, once again, requested for a better ventilated place and finally settled down. ^_^"

Yes, it's trivia but this brings out my next 2 points ...
  • Granted that these customers were a tad demanding and insisting at times, they unanimously agreed that the customer service was impeccable and spotless. Never was once, the server displayed any sign of unwillingness or impatience.
  • It was nearing 9pm. By all accounts, there was nothing spectacular by the river, near or far. It was pitch darkness. The 7th and 8th picture, below, speak everything. So don't get over-hype by the term "dining by the river".
Once the trio got seated, the boyfriend and our Thai friend scrutinized the menu and decided what to be placed on the table. The only instruction I gave them was I wanted some special soup. Not the typical Thai fares like the ubiquitous tom yum goong, tom kha gai or gang khiao wan. Okay I was introduced to this sour & spicy plaa neua onปลาเนื้ออ่อน (lit: tender flesh fish) soup. (Refer to the 6th picture from 'Our Order' or click here for more pictures from Google). The soup was strong and pungent, and the fish .... kinda crispy. It was an experience I must say.

The rest of the dishes we had were,
  • An appetizer which I can't recall its name Khao giiap bak mor
  • Stir-fried scallops with broccoli
  • Stir-fried calamari with chili and lemongrass
  • Deep fried prawns *** recommended ***
  • Chinese style crab meat fried rice *** recommended ***
  • Taro in coconut milk
The humble Chinese style fried rice is of very high standard even if it is measured from where I am. The rice is not mushy. Every single grain is evenly cooked and glistened under light. Chinese style fried rice does not have tomato as ingredient.

Table for 3: THB1683. A few bottles of Singha beer were also included in the price.

My verdict: Service was consistently good, above-average foods and fairly reasonable price.

The restaurant ...
Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam Baan Klang Nam

Our order ...
Khao giiap bak mor Stir-fried scallops with broccoli Stir-fried calamari with chili and lemongrass Deep fried prawns - one of their signature dishes Chinese style crab meat fried rice. Recommended dish. This fish called 'plaa neua on' was from the sour and spicy soup. Taro with coconut milk. It was so-so.

Getting there ...
The restaurant is located at Bangkok city fringe which is no way near to any train station. If you are a tourist, going there by cab seems to be the only viable option.

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ARTi said...

thank you for sharing your experience krub!
Seeing all the food pictures make me want to go back now!
I would recommend your blog to anyone searching for places to go/eat in Thailand.
Keep up the good work!

BODYholic said...

Hi ARTi,
Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I stumble into your blog. Is this restaurant same as The Good View Restaurant?

aka male3x
pls continue blogging, dun end it :)

BODYholic said...

Hi male3x,

Nice meeting you here too, my friend. :)

The blog was created several years ago to keep track of our food hunts in Thailand. Later I was too caught up in my works which left me very little time to do anything more. We still continue to enjoy good food in BKK, but posting pictures here is really a painstaking chore!

Anyway, just recently, I created a new FB account with the intention of putting up more pictures. I'll share it here once it's ready.

Oh, The Good View and Baan Klang Nam are two different restaurants.

Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

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