Mont Nom Sod

Name: Mont Nom Sod
Cuisine: Snack
Address: 160/1-3 Dinsor Rd, Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200.
Tel: 02 224 1989, 02 224 1147
Open: Daily from 2pm to 11pm.
Payment: Cash.
Web: Nil
Remarks: Nom Sod (นมสด) is Thai for fresh milk.
Originally posted: February 2009
Last updated: -
Date visited: 30th January 2009

My several recent visits to Mont Nom Sod were also met with setback. Recalling being there on my NY countdown trip, I was met with a notice on their shuttles that said "Renovation". Repeated visit on the 3rd day of CNY also met with the same fate as to Thipsamai. Moral of the story, stick to the central if you are coming to Bangkok during the CNY period. ^_^"

For the uninitiated, Singapore's homegrown Toastbox (sister chain of Breadtalk) takes after Mont Nom Sod, although the former failed completely as far as foods are concerned.

Apart from fresh milk, Mont is also known for their thick bread toasts which can be served with a great selections of spread ranging from butter to chocolate, condensed milk to peanut butter. But among all, the absolutely 'to-die-for' topping is none other then their fresh and heavenly Sungkayah (Jam made from Pandanus leaves and coconut). Or what is known as Kaya in Singapore.

There are some distinct differences between Singapore Kaya and Thai Sungkayah. Our Kaya is thick and concentrated. It is also usually dark and dull in color and has a strong taste of sweetness. Thai Sungkayah, on the other hand, is comparatively dilute (i.e. lower viscosity), less sweet, has smooth texture that comes in an inviting green. I prefer the latter. To appreciate how good this is, one should not give their steamed bread with Sungkayah dip a miss. The sungkayah is served warm in a small bowl.

There is just one thing that irks me: the way foods are ordered. There are several counters and each serves only their intended purpose and nothing else. There is a queue serving foods and only food stuffs. After payment is made, one has to join in another line to buy drinks. If you intend to grab some home-made cookies or bottled jams, that will be yet in another line. Short of issuing queue tickets, the place almost runs like a bank!

English is practically non-existence. The owner may aware of the trying situation. Hence, pictorial presentations, with English words and prices which are clearly tagged, are put up. Kudos for this effort. Placing order, thankfully, is a breeze, so long as you stick to the menu. Anything beyond that, you are ready for an heart-attack which I almost had. I requested for a business card before I took my departure, an helpful staff gave me a small drink stirrer!!! *Fainted* I eventually gotten what I wanted, not without the help from a sophisticated Thai lady who did the translation. Okay, I have since learned to say "name card" in Thai which is naam bat (นามบัตร).

Mont Nom Sod: A few interesting writings were found on their signboards. One reads, "Order Streamed bread here". These breads must be selling like hotcakes that they flow like rivers and streams. And at the background, the sign reads, "Take-in 45B, Take-away 55B". I am guessing that you are allowed to consume outside food in the restaurant but a THB45 levies is imposed for doing so. 555

My verdict: Thick crispy toast with wide selection of spread and its heavenly Sungkayah. This is easily one of my fav places to have snacks in Thailand.

Table for two: Toast (THB13 - THB20), fresh milk THB28/cup.

Recommended: Steamed bread with Sungkayah

In a nutshell
> Fantastic Sungkayah (Pandanus Jam)
> Great variety of toast

> Speak little English
> Troublesome ordering system

Getting there ...
They are along Dinsor Road and adjacent to BMA. See map below.

Landmark & Map ...
Mont Nom Sod: Business cardMont Nom Sod: MapThipsamai Pad Thai: Shop-frontThipsamai Pad Thai: Shop-front

The restaurant ...
Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod: Mont Nom Sod:

Our order ...
Mont Nom Sod: Butter and Sungkayah toastMont Nom Sod: Steamed bread with Sungkayah dipMont Nom Sod: Warm and heavenly SungkayahMont Nom Sod: Steamed breadMont Nom Sod: Succulent dipppppp!!!Mont Nom Sod: Fresh milk

Getting there ...
It is feasible to walk from Khao San Road to Mont which is right next to the BMA office.

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Anonymous said...

i love mont too.
Usually i have my fix @ the MBK branch.
I love your pix lah
I tried a couple of times to snap some but the moment i whip out my cam, some server zooms in and told me in motion that photography is NOT allowed.

BODYholic said...

Their main branch, too, restricts photo-taking. But the place is usually very crowded, I guess that's the reason why their staffs were too busy to stop me. Anyhow, I am using a small compact camera which is of "tactical" advantage. :)

I shall visit the MBK branch next time.

ARTi said...

Oh boy! love this post. The owner used to push cart around Bahn Mo when I was a kid. Now this place is a big business. Was there last Dec, so awesome to see it. I'll surely visit your blog more often to see updates!

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