Somtam Nua @ Siam Square

Somtam Nua (ส้มตำนัว) @ Siam Square
Cuisine: Thai (Isaan)
Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Bangkok 10110.
GPS: Nil
Tel: 02 2514880
Open: Daily from 10am to 10pm. Kitchen closes at 930pm.
Payment: Cash only.
Web: Nil

So many have been written about food in Bangkok. This blog will never be complete if there is no mention of a restaurant in the heart of Bangkok called Som Tam Nua which is renowned for their delectable Issan food.

** Our order **

This is a sample of our order which we last visited the restaurant two months ago (May'11). Most of them are signature dishes of the northeastern Thai cooking. Among all, the Laab Moo is the most spicy dish on the table. This time, we'd a special dish called Phad Khanom Jeen which, I believe, is not a typical Isaan dish. Khanom Jeen, a kind of thick white noodle, is usually taken with hot spicy/curry soup topped with shredded cabbage and hard-boiled eggs. However, this was our first time sampling stir-fried Khanom Jeen with pork floss. The dish turned out to be surprisingly good. It isn't spicy and tasted a little sweet, probably because of the pork floss!

Kor Moo Yang / คอหมูย่าง (Grilled pork collar) THB98
Laab Moo / ลาบหมู (Spicy minced pork) THB85

Phad Khanom Jeen (Stirred fried noodle with pork floss) THB94
Deep fried chicken wings (small portion) THB90
Tam Muaw (Thai spicy mixed salad) THB69
Tom Sap Kradook Moo Onn / ต้มแซบกระดูกหมูอ่อน (Spicy pork rib soup) THB97

** The Restaurant **

Somtam Nua is a two-storey restaurant located at Siam Square Soi 5. They serve one of the best Isaan food in town but equally notorious is also their snaking long queue during peak hours. Keep your iPhone handy, a game of Angry Birds may prove useful while waiting for your table. We were quite lucky on the last few occasions when we dined in, as we only need a table for two. Moreover, we usually eat at odd hours (lunch at 3pm or dinner after 9pm, for example). So far, it has been relatively easy for us to secure a table without much waiting.

The place is minimalist but functional and clean. The walkways/aisles in the restaurant are narrow, you may have to elbow your way to your table when it gets too crowded.

The service staffs speak little to no English. Also, remember the place is mostly over-whelmed by diners, the crews are always busy taking orders and serving food which left them little time for anything else. Do not expect 5-star table service, flag them only when you need assistance, otherwise you will be gladly left alone.

The signboard of Somtam Nua.
Looking in to the restaurant from Soi 5 Siam Square.
The place is mostly crowded. Expect to queue for entry.
There is a staircase (not seen here) leading to the 2nd floor of the restaurant.

Table for 2: This meal for two came up to THB613 (~SGD26++). The tab also includes two servings of warm sticky rice (THB20 each), a serving of plain khanom jeen (THB20) and a bottle of mineral water (THB20). Take note that the restaurant does not accept credit card payment.

My verdict:
+ Excellent foods
+ Cheap
+ Food served promptly
- Long queue
- Small tables & narrow aisles

** Getting There **

Walk from Siam BTS station.

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Originally posted: July'2011
Last updated: Nil

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