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Originally posted: January'2011
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Last year, we took a trip to Amphawa Floating Market. It was an ad-hoc event. By the time, we arrived at the scene, the sun was setting and the place was already crowded despite being a Friday. We thought the place becomes jam-packed only on weekends! Well, we were wrong. Amphawa was literally overran by groups and groups of foreign tourists led by their zealous guides.

** Amphawa Bazaar **
Before we could reach the floating market, we are welcomed by streets of makeshift-stalls and pushcarts selling all kinds of traditional foods, snacks, tees, hand-made souvenirs and even potted plants.

This small alley leads to the klong where the floating market is. Fancy a big packet of crispy fish crackers for only THB20? This looks like dried shredded cuttlefish. Yummy grilled satay moo (Pork Satay).

Traditional Thai marinated foods.

** Amphawa Floating Market **

Most people come here for the floating market. Unlike the one at Damnoen Saduak which is a morning floating market. Amphawa is a day/evening floating market and it gets active mainly on Friday to Sunday.

As it can be seen from these pictures, most of the long-tail boats sell cooked foods. It is a wonderful experience, especially for the city dwellers, having a simple meal on the crowded concrete steps by the bank of the river.

Freshly BBQ scallops THB30 (lower right). Som Tam Puu Thai THB20 (lower left) - cheap and very spicy. The price of the grilled squid varies according to its size (upper left).

A wooden building seen across the river bank where we sat. Clockwise from top: 2 pics of long-tail boat vendors. A short concrete bridge spans across the klong. The 'tables* are really petite. The man in apron takes order from diners.

Picture taken from the bridge. Picture taken from the bridge. Picture taken from the bridge.

** Amphawa River Tour **

The experience will not be complete if one does not include an evening/night boat tour around Amphawa. The itinerary includes catching a glimpse of fireflies in the mangroves. I'll share more on this in my next post - Amphawa River Tour.

** Getting there **

Depending exactly where you are in Bangkok, there are several ways to reach Amphawa floating market. Most people, tourists in particular, find it easier to hop on a mini van near Victory Monument. Otherwise, the new Southern Bus Terminal and Khao San Road (if I'm not wrong) offer regular departures too.

The minivan ticketing office at Victory Monument (see map) is a short walk from the Victory Monument BTS station. A one-way-ticket to Amphawa costs THB80 (less than SGD3.50). We set off on a Friday evening, it took our van one hour to reach Mae Klong and another 10 minutes before reaching the vicinity of Amphawa floating market.

View Amphawa Floating Market in a larger map

Here are a few pictures of the small ticketing office at Victory Monument.
The ticketing office is right at the end of this lane and on the RHS. The main entrance. We bought our tickets from this counter. The same counter also serves tickets to Mae Klong and Damnoen Saduak The air-con office is rather small and crampy. If you are hungry, there is a small kiosk serving crispy puffs with different fillings. A THB160 ticket for 2 pax. This is the van that brought us to Amphawa. Another picture of the air-con mini van.


Anonymous said...

A place that I wanted to visit during my next trip to Bangkok.... Appreciate if if you could advise how to get back to Bangkok

BODYholic said...


The reason why I did not mention the way we got back to Bangkok, because we did it rather unorthodox.

But really, there is a ticketing counter setup at the place where you alight from the mini-van. You can find out the last departure time from the staff(s). IIRC on Friday, the last van leaves at 1915 (1930hrs?). If you intend to join the 1.5hrs river tour, it is unlikely that you can make it back in time. My understanding is that, on Sat/Sun, the last van seems to leaves Amphawa later. But it's best you check with their staffs.

If you really have to get back to Bangkok on the same day, it's important to book your river tour as early as possible. I know there is one at 6pm, although we booked the 630pm trip which explained the rush we had.

Enjoy your trip. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be flying to bangkok from 9 - 11 April. During the trip, I would like to visit Amphawa from 10 - 11 Apr. Is the mini-van big enough to accomodate a lugguage bag (25x20)inch or a cabin bag (20*14) inch?

Otherwise, I may have to take a taxi to Amphawa instead. Please advise.

Helen, Singapore

BODYholic said...

Hi Helen,

I'm doubtful that the big luggage can squeeze in to the mini-van. The cabin bag should do fine but bcos of the limited space, a soft case luggage will be ideal.

Perhaps the following picture will give you an idea how tight the space is. It was not the same van that brought us to Amphawa but it has the same configuration.

Have a safe & pleasant trip.

Traveling in Thailand said...

Thanks a lot for the information about the minivan office. it is always hard to find them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, yr blog post is rather useful as u have also uploaded photos to guide us. Thanks alot!

Would like to clarify something, if we want to catch the firefly, we have to buy the ticket from Amphawa once we reach? As well as the return ticket back to bangkok?
So which means the boat which brings us round to watch the firefly will leave at Amphawa floating market and bring us back there right?

BODYholic said...

Hi Anonymous,

You buy the firefly river tour and your return bus tickets to Bangkok from *different* operators.

When you first alighted at Amphawa, there should be a makeshift table setup nearby by the mini-van operator. Check with them what time the last van departs for BKK. It's usually 7pm or 730pm on a weekday. Slightly later over weekends. But please confirm the timing with them. It's also advisable to book the return tickets in advance.

For the firefly river tour, you'll have to book it inside the Amphawa floating market area which is only 5-10mins slow walk from the place you alighted. More information on the river can be found here ->

And yes, the river tour is, literary, a round trip which takes about 1.5hours to complete. The same boat will sent you back to (or near) the point where you did the embarkation earlier.

The rest are all mathematics. If the last van departs at 730pm and the river trip lasts 1.5hrs. You've to start your river tour before 6pm in order to catch the van. And I'm not sure if there is one conducted before 6pm.

If you are visiting on a Friday, you may have to overnight at Amphawa after the river trip. On weekends, since their last van departs later than usual, you may have ample time to catch it.

Feel free to write back. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi BODYholic, my name is Kelvin. Your site is really very useful. The way your write is also very detail. All the information is really very good and i believe you must have spent alot of effort.

I like to find out from you, the following questions.

1. What time does the floating market open? And it open till what time?

2. I plan to go on a Tue. From my reading, it seems like the floating market is open from Mon to Sun. Is that correct? Or they only open on Fri, Sat and Sun?

3. We have a total of 10 people, comprises of 6 adults and 4 children. Not sure can the mini van accomodate 10 people at one go?

BODYholic said...

Hi Kelvin,

1. My understanding is that the floating market begins to form up in the late afternoon. 4 - 5pm should be the best time to visit the place.

2. Unless they have changed, Amphawa floating market only setup on weekends (i.e. Fri -> Sun). And the "floating market" is essentially "mobile kitchens" floating on the river. :)

3. A mini-van can typically accommodate up to 12 sitting passengers. And no, there is no standing room. The van is too small for that anyway.

If you read/understand Chinese, you may search "Amphawa" in this Taiwanese forums for more updates.

Thanks for your kind words. Feel free to write back.

Note: The post was written years ago. All prices are likely to have inflated by now.

Anonymous said...

BODYholic, accordingly, s one-way-ticket to Amphawa costs THB80, is this cost based on per person?

Thanks for all your info BODYholic.


BODYholic said...

Hi Kelvin,

Yes, the stated price *was* good for one person. Have a pleasant trip.


Love is uNfAiR said...

Hi, I would like to ask how much did it cost to take a minivan back to Victory Monument from Amphawa? Thank you very much.

Abhishek said...

This is great to have such kind of detailed information. i would like to ask can we book whole minivan for 6 adults ?

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