The Krok @ Siam Square

Name: The Krok, Thai Isan Restaurant
Cuisine: Northeastern Thai - Isaan
Address: Soi 2, Siam Square, Bangkok
Tel: (02) 251 9916
Open: (to be updated)
Payment: Cash and major credit cards
Web: Nil
Remarks: -
Originally posted: March 2009
Last updated: -
Date visited: January 2009

This was my maiden visit to an Isaan restaurant. The Krok is located at Siam Square. They are not as popular as the much sought after Som Tam Nua @ Siam Square Soi 5. But the latter is also notorious for letting diners queuing up for as long as 30 minutes or longer outside its restaurant. We gave it a miss since time wasn't on our side, as we have a movie to catch later. While we prowled lane by lane for food, we chanced upon The Krok at Soi 2.

The three-storey restaurant, serves mainly Isaan cuisine, is minimalist in design. Each storey has its color theme which is eye-catching and loud. The ground floor was painted in my favorite lime green color.

The ordering was done entirely by my Thai friend, since I haven't had a clue about Isaan foods. I spoke to the server once, in English, but he didn't seem to understand my question. I didn't pursue any further.

To describe Isaan foods as spicy is an understatement. Despite requesting our Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) and other dishes to be served with less hot spices, it was still too much for me. I had to constantly neutralize the spiciness with sticky rice and iced water.

We had a naamtok moo (น้ำตกคอหมูย่าง/THB59) which was tasty but spicy. The marinated moo (pork) was a tad raw. It resembles bacon looking from afar.

The next dish was a deep-fried chicken with lemongrass (ไก่ทอดตะไคร้/Gai Thwaat Ta Krai/THB79), I assumed it was Isaan style. The chicken was extremely bony and almost as if the chicken haven't been eating for the last 6 months! The deep-fried was well done and its fragrant, captivating. I am sure my old man would love this dish. Our older generation loves sucking the bones for hours as an enjoyment. I still prefer my chicken to be meaty and fat-free. ^_^"

Our last dish was a boiled pork rib soup (ต้มแซบซี่โครงหมู/THB99). It was hot and sour which I liked it very much. The sourish taste came from a kind of herbal leaf which I couldn't recall its name.

Table for two: THB338.12 for everything in the pictures plus a Chinese dessert, 2 bottles of mineral water and 2 steamed rice not shown.

My verdict: Hot and spicy Isaan foods at a steal but minus the long queue.

Recommended: Boiled pork rib soup (ต้มแซบซี่โครงหมู/Tom Sap See Khrong Moo).

In a nutshell
> Cheap eat
> Good & polite services (The boss was around!)

> Server understands next to no English
The restaurant ...
The Krok: Shopfront The Krok: The Krok:

Our order ...
The Krok: Green Papaya Salad/Som TamThe Krok: Sticky riceThe Krok: น้ำตกคอหมูย่าง/Naamtok Kor Moo YangThe Krok: Deep-fried chicken with lemongrass/ไก่ทอดตะไคร้/Gai Thwaat Ta KraiThe Krok: Boiled pork rib soup/ต้มแซบซี่โครงหมู/Tom Sap See Khrong MooThe Krok: Naamtok Moo over sticky rice

Recipe: Gai Thwaat Ta Krai
Recipe: Naam Tok Moo

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